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The Basics
  • Who
    We are an agency that combines all the world's leads, to hit your exact targets with no effort on your part at all.
  • What
    We work with you to uncover who are your best targets and then identify those leads. Those leads receive warm intros from us and all traffic then gets directed to your website.
  • Where
    We are virtual and work with companies worldwide.
  • When
    After an initial contact and agreement, we can begin immediately and stop at any time, but we are now only working with clients who make an annual commitment.
  • Settlement
    We settle every Friday for all sales and subscriptions referred by us, with a commission of 10% to 20% paid to us.
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Leads provided on commission
Digital Products: 20% | Physical Products: 10%
100% Privacy Guaranteed
The Terms
  • Criteria
    Companies dealing in both digital and physical products. The broader your potential audience, the better. Businesses with a limited audience, such as local flower shops will not be a good fit.
  • Fees
    Rather than take equity, we created this model to apply 10% for physical products and 20% for digital products, with these charges based on the total turnover of all sales referred by our system calculated weekly.
  • Deposit
    We take no equity! We take no heavy fees! We work only on our sales commission, and require a one-time payment of $20 for identity verification to prevent fraud -- that's it. That $20 will be refunded if either party is unhappy with this service or your application is rejected.
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